Casey and Boomer

If you are looking for a healthy and happy mini/toy poodle, look no further than Deb’s Poodle Inn. Debbie Hamelin’s dedication and genuine love for her poodles is what makes them special and our boys Casey and Boomer are no exception. Debbie does an outstanding job of raising her poodles in a nurturing family home environment and prepares them well for their new life as family pets. Both boys were relaxed and friendly when we picked them up, it was obvious that they had been properly cared for and socialized, both have lovely temperaments. An added bonus for us was realizing that they already knew their names. Their crate training went very smoothly thanks to Debbie’s well-structured day & night routine, they happily pitter-patter between the crate and playpen on command without any fuss. We are overjoyed with our little poodle pups, our pack is now complete!

Mimi and Darren
Ottawa ON

Tommy is the love of my life, he has such a good character and he charms everyone he meets. He even convinced my cat-loving mother to get a poodle – She loves him as much as I do! When we walk him people stop us to ask what kind of breed it is. Although he looks very much like a poodle, the colour fools people into thinking he’s a mix because it is so vibrant and rare. He has great genetics and is a very healthy boy. After his surgery to neuter him the vet was impressed at how quickly his stitches/scar healed. She said it was the fastest and best healing she had ever seen in her career.

I recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a poodle. Her puppies have great personalities and are healthy and beautiful. She is very professional and prepare the puppies for their new life with you. She sends pictures as they grow and you can tell she loves every single one of them. Bringing Tommy to Europe made me realize how important it is to get a puppy from a good Breeder. Many things are required in a certain order if you want to travel with your dog. For example your puppy will need to have an international microchip inserted before any shots. Otherwise you need to redo all the shots once the microchip is installed. Luckily for us Tommy had all his papers and got the procedures in order thanks to Debbie!

Many people have asked me where I got Tommy and i always refer them to Debbie 🙂



Last fall, after thinking about it for some time, I made the decision to bring a puppy into my life. While doing my research online I stumbled upon Deb’s webpage. Initially – I fell totally in love with the adorable puppies that were posted on the page!  When I started to scroll through and read the testimonials, I knew that this would be a great choice.  I picked up the phone and chatted with Deb for a bit, and felt pretty confident that I had found a great breeder.  I then spoke to some of the testimonials, and my confidence grew!  Deb was so patient in answering my questions (being my first puppy, I had a lot!), and she took such great care of Toby leading up to me taking him home.  She definitely made this an awesome experience.

Toby was such a good boy on the long drive home, and has such a warm and loving spirit! He wants to give kisses to everyone he meets!  He’s doing great with his training – he’s a very smart pup, and I am constantly amazed at what he does.  He makes me laugh every day, and I can’t imagine my life without him!

You can follow Toby’s adventures on Instagram @TOBY.ornottobe


Milo is the cutest puppy I’ve
ever seen. Everybody stares at him on the street and can’t stand
his cuteness. He is such a great dog; very friendly, playful and
loving. Milo has brought joy and love into our life. I strongly
recommend choosing Debbie’s Poodle Inn as a breeder. She is good
and caring with her puppies.

From day one we have been impressed with Rosie

She has already adopted us as her new family.

When people ask why did I go so far to get her…

 I tell them that Debbie knows what it means
to all of us to receive an exceptional pet ,

A new baby has joined the family .

I  am so glad I made that choice..

Thank you Debbie,
Rosie also says thanks

After a thorough national search
for a wonderful breeder, I chose Debbie Hamelin at Deb’s Poodle
Inn. I am so grateful for her wisdom, guidance and ability to
listen to me the buyer as we ‘chose’ the right puppy for me. Amedeo is
emotionally well adjusted, teachable (sometimes incorrigible at
10 wks) loveable and laid-back. Amedeo attends work with me
daily and everyone comments on how handsome and relaxed he is
within a busy workplace.

Nova Scotia has already heard
about Amedeo’s “first” Mom and how well she prepared him for his
new owner. I am and shall continue to recommend Debbie and her
wonderful facility! Thank you, Debbie for blessing my life with
this 4-legged bundle of joy, who is always smiling, up for a
challenge and ready to rock my world with lots of fun
Thanks, Debbie and I am sure we
shall chat again,

Enjoy your day,….Lana

 Our little Miss Poppy is doing just great

We love her to pieces. She has a wonderful easy going disposition and she gives lots of affection.

She passed with flying colours and mutual enjoyment and extended visit with three children. In a couple of weeks we will start obedience training but already she has learned many commands.

She is one smart cookie. Thank you for our wonderful pet, we couldn’t be happier

This is our little fur ball Miss Poppy. She will soon get her first haircut and likely will look different, but for now she looks cute and furry.

Poppy is the sweetheart of our neighborhood.

Warm wishes, Karen

 Good morning, Debbie!

And it is certainly a good morning here, brightened up by the bouncing of our dear little toy poodle Misty. You probably know that the main reason we selected your kennel was because of the glowing reports of the health of your puppies. By that, I assumed past customers meant physical health.

And to me that was very important having just come off 8 years of nursing a dog with
intense health requirements. And in every way, Misty has shown that she comes of fine healthy stock.

BUT what I didn’t realize or consider is that psychological health is tremendously important too. And the joys we are
finding with Misty are so intimately related to that mental health. She is confident and curious. She is willing to
investigate everyone and everything she sees. She bounces around like nothing in the world is a care for her. She must
have had such a nurturing environment to have this wonderful attitude at only 8 (now 9) weeks of age.

She is well before the age that toilet training is thought to start (statistically) but she is so smart and has been to
the door to ask to go out already twice this morning (9:14). Accidents have been few and far between and I find this
quite out of character with other puppies. She attached herself to Tom and me almost
instantly and I was amazed at how she was able to transfer affections so easily, further allowing me to see her courage and
confidence. She is everything and more than we expected and Debbie, we could not be any more pleased with our little darling.

Thanks for everything, 

Christine Brown and Tom Roberts

What can I say about our Tessa!!!!

We have had her a month now and she is a pure joy. We lost our 18 year old mini poodle in February and we didn’t think that we would get another dog. It didn’t take long for us to realize that there was a hole in our life that only a puppy could fill. Fate brought us to Debbie and our little Tessa. The wait until we could bring Tessa home seemed long but Debbie made it so much easier with our Sunday updates and pictures.
Debbie seemed to understand our need to be able to watch our little puppy grow during her first 8 weeks. Now that she is home with us she makes us laugh all the time. She is a healthy, happy , loving puppy. Our friends say that they come to visit Tessa now , not us. People stop us
on the street to tell us they think she is the most Debbie for filling our life with Tessa pleasure.

Donnie & Steve

 We lost our beloved poodle Phoenix after fifteen years and never thought that we would find another pet as loving and faithful; we were
wrong! Thanks to Debbie, we are the proud parents of a chocolate brown poodle named Mollie Brown Skye. Debbie kept her sister
Abby for breeding purposes and we feel so lucky that she decided let us have Skye. The words that best describe Skye are “Oh
My God!” Skye is energetic, extremely affectionate, as curious as a cat and is never far away from us: she just loves life. She
has made herself an integral part of our lives from the moment she awakes until we close the lights at night. She does have her
moments but she also understands when she is being scolded and afterwards comes looking for kisses following her “time outs”.
We just love her to death. We are constantly stopped by strangers on our walks, complementing us on how gorgeous Skye is
what beautiful colour her coat is. Thank you again Debbie we could not of picked a better companion and friend.

Thanks Debbie!

Suzanne and Nick Dinelle


If anyone with one of my puppies has them on Instagram and
would like to share the link with me I would love seeing pictures of the
pups as they grow..
Thanks Debbie


Theodor aka Teddy
Teddy was so sweet and perfect on the car ride home. He adjusted so well to his new home.
Thank you so much for my perfect little angel! He is the best and I Love Him!
Carly, Toronto   


Paddington was so lovely all the way home! We were worried about making him
comfortable during the ride and at home, but he adjusted so easily.
His temperament is amazing and brings lots of life to our home. He
always gets stopped on the street because of his cute teddy face and
is so friendly and loves the attention. Debbie was so lovely and
obviously loves all her pups. Thank you for such and amazing
addition to our family.



This is Maple. She has the cutest personality that makes everyone

smile involuntarily everywhere we go. She is so well behaved,
bouncy, and affectionate dog. When my friends and family are around
she goes and sits on their lap and gives them gentle kisses. Debbie
gave me the best dog advice and she’s so supportive. We still keep
in touch to share our love of poodles.

Best regards,
Jenny Bui


our little Poodle pup, has been a constant source of delight since she
came into our lives about a month ago. Already socialized and well on
her way to being housebroken, she was obviously well cared for, stable,
and readily adapted to her new home: i.e. she had her act together.

Button is an unusually bright
little dog: full of fun, and every inch a delightful character. Already
she can sit on command, stay, walk on her back legs, play hide and seek,
and also she can play a lively (and exhausting) running game we call
“dogcatcher” (her favorite). Most of the time she would rather play with
us than eat.

My wife of forty years, Carole, searched
carefully all over the country (literally!) before she settled on getting me a 40th anniversary
present (best ever!) from Debbie and Dan. I am most pleased and honored
to be able to add to our happy family of children and grandchildren, one happy little dog.

Debbie and Dan for such an
unforgettable, precious little dog-person.


 We are in love with our little
girl. She amazes us everyday. She is so loving and smart. We
could never have asked for a better puppy. Thank you so much.
She is definitely making our lives more joyful. Our son and his
family were here for Easter. Everyone fell in love with her. She
played endlessly with the kids.

Took this picture today! Bought her
some new things at the Pet Store. Everyone absolutely adored her!!!


This is Copper. He’s been at home
with us now for a week and a half … a rollicking, frolicking
bundle of mini-poodle fur and fun!

I cannot say enough about our
experience from start to finish with Debbie Hamelin. Her
professionalism and love of all things poodle stands her head and
shoulders above the pack as an outstanding breeder. From the time
Copper was born, we were able to experience through Debbie’s weekly
creative photos the ability to share and watch as Copper grew – from
a tiny pup, to when he first opened his eyes, to his first food-fest
and through it all, Debbie was always available for any and all
questions and never once made us feel that we were an imposition to
her busy days.

now that Copper is with us, we
marvel everyday at his health, vigour and puppyhood antics. He’s
very socialized and, after meeting his poodle family (and Debbie),
we understand why. All her dogs have excellent temperaments. Copper
is an incredibly clean and happy dog – fully paper trained when we
brought him home!

Copper’s bright eyes and furiously
wagging tail instantly won our hearts! For anyone who loves poodles,
Deb’s Poodle Inn is the place to be. I simply cannot recommend her
services high enough!

Thank you Debbie for all that you’ve
done and most of all for a precious poodle pup called Copper.


Hi Debbie, 
A note to let you know just how pleasant it was to do business
with you. Your professionalism shone through, you made us feel
welcome in your home, and the genuine love with which you took
care of the little pups and their parents was heartwarming and

I have dealt with a number of breeders over the years, and I
assure you that you are definitely one of the better ones. I
would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for
well socialized, healthy, and happy toy/mini poodles.
Your advice and encouragement post purchase are most
appreciated, and I know that we will continue to keep in touch
with updates on our little Honey. She has only been with us for
a few days, and she has already stolen our hearts.
Thank you, Debbie, for dealing with us in such a caring manner.

Warm regards,


my name is 
I know what you must be thinking…I’m so cute!! Yes, I hear that
all the time. But there’s more to me than that! I am a red toy
poodle and from the get go, I was well taken care of from 
She’s the adult friend that helped my mommy bring me into the world.
Debbie is a great lady who loves her puppies. She ensured that I ate
well and was looked after by a vet before I went home to my new
family. My new family is great too! Debbie gave them everything they
needed to make sure that I was de-wormed, and planned my
immunization schedule. She gave them a welcome package with food and
lots of great reading material to help them learn about what I
needed. Each and every week before I went home, Debbie sent the
cutest and most updated photos to my family so they could observe
the progress of my growth. The slide show announcing my birth was a
hit with my two new sisters, Leah and Chloe. It gave them a chance
to get to know me before I went home, and when they arrived to pick
me up, it was if they had known me all along! Every question my new
mom had, Debbie was quick to answer. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love my new family, but I owe a lot to Debbie.
She’s a loving and caring friend that really looked after me as she
does my parents and puppy siblings. So if you’re looking for an
adorable and healthy poodle as cute as me, I would really recommend
talking to Debbie. 

gotta go now. My family is
waiting to play with me and love me some more. ( I secretly hear
them whisper how much joy I have brought to the family). Not to
squeak my own toy, but I’m really special. Not just a pretty face,
as they say, but smart and funny too. 

Woof, woof!!





(I am Charlie’s sister)
This is Mia doing
one of her favorite things, playing ball, she runs up to anyone with
her blue ball, does a little jump and a little soft
woof..translation is “I want you to play ball “ and even people who
are not dog lovers find themselves in a game. She is a happy,
curious, affectionate yet independent little girl and loves people,
food and toys, in that order. Debbie raises delightful puppies and
cares very much for them, which Mia’s wonderful personality is proof
of. Debbie always answered my numerous emails right away and kept me
up to date with photos. An important part of the adoption process
for me was that Debbie encouraged me to come and see Mia as she
grew, I was always made to feel welcome. Thank you Debbie for my special loveable pup.
Fran and Mia


Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful
addition to our
family. Winston is
absolutely adorable – he is smart and loving and we couldn’t be
happier. He has a wonderful temperament and is playful, gentle
and well-adjusted.


We looked around to find the best breeder for our
puppy, and we
are so happy that we found you. We loved receiving the weekly
photos of Winston as we waited to pick him up, and you were
incredibly responsive to our questions. You are a very special
person, who truly cares about your pups and finding them a
loving home. Thank you again for everything.


Lauren and Melissa

This is my dearest Red toy poodle
Quintessa alias Quinnie.
Attached is Quinnie’s first Christmas photo with Santa.

I flew from Winnipeg Manitoba to
pick her up.

My experience getting Quinnie
from Debbie has been nothing but wonderful. Debbie patiently
answered all my silly questions through Email.

Quinnie is now just about 6
months old and is about 7 lbs.

Quinnie is the most adorable,
loving puppy I have seen. She loves to cuddle. She comes to me
at night and sleeps by my face. She sleeps all night on my bed
with me. She recognizes my alarm song and the minute she hears
it she jumps up and runs to me and rubs her face on mine and
cuddles before she starts giving me kisses to wake me up. Tell
me this isn’t the best way to start your day 🙂

She is fully house trained and
has free range of the entire house. Since I work long days she
has a pee pad in case she needs to pee and uses it every time
she needs to go. Never an accident on my couch or bed. She rings
the bell to go outside when I am at home and never uses the pad
(super smart). She has learnt soo many tricks in such short
period of time.

She has been extremely easy to
train and very well behaved. She hasn’t chewed a single thing
that isn’t hers. I have left my TV remote by her bed while at
work and she hasn’t touched a thing in the house. Her favorite
thing to take and bug me with are Kleenex. I let her do it
sometimes cause I see how excited she gets when she lets me run
around to get it from her.

Quinnie loves Oranges and apples.
I am pretty sure these are her most favorite things ever. She
loves to stand and dance on her hind legs and We have given that
a name now… Quinnie can “Salsa”…

I am so glad I choose Debbie to
get my puppy from and Thank you Debbie, so very much for giving
me the pick of your litter 🙂 I cant imagine any other puppy in
her place..

Sharanya from Winnipeg Manitoba.

I’m a
toy poodle and my name is Rookie.
I was born on September 3rd, 2015. I was lucky to be born in the
care of Debbie Hamelin. She took great care of my birth mother when
she was expecting me and all my siblings. Once I was born, all my
needs were met – I was fed well, taken to the vet for all my check
ups and vaccinations but mostly, I was loved.

My new family couldn’t bring me home until I was 11
weeks old. They
arranged with Debbie for me to stay in her home until the big day
came. Boy, was I spoiled! I got extra cuddles each evening before
bed and I was allowed to watch a bit of tv (age appropriate of
course ��). During all those weeks, my new Mom was given progress
reports on my development and pictures to share with our family and

I’m full of energy and so excited to learn new things.
I passed
puppy classes with flying colours and am now taking “manners level
1”. I can’t wait until my agility classes start in the spring. I can
run really fast and love to play.

I’m healthy, happy and love everyone I meet. I know
I’m cute and
people sure know it too! I’m really happy when the little grandsons
come to visit. They are gentle with me and I get to play with them.

If you’re searching for a quality breeder that cares
about where her
puppies go, you’ve found the right place with Deb’s Poodle Inn.

Amber Rabethge
Campbellford, Ontario

Rookie has been
a joy from day one and makes me laugh every day! My heart is full 🙂

you very much for introducing
me to Loki.
He is extremely friendly and smart. Our family loves him very much. 

You have helped me a lot when I was looking for a
puppy. I am a
first time owner, and had many questions along with wanting to make
sure that I would get my puppy from a reputable breeder. Debbie was
very patient with me and was very prompt in answering all the
questions I had. She has also sent weekly picture updates on Loki as

I’m very happy with Loki and would recommend Debbie to
looking for a puppy.

Thank you once again

such an amazing dog and makes everyone around him so incredibly
happy. I could not thank you more for such a blessing in our lives!

We picked up Parker about two
months ago from Debbie and he has brought absolute joy to our
family ever since. Parker is a healthy and happy pup with a
charming personality. He loves people and other animals, and
they love him! Parker has already learned a handful of tricks
and successfully graduated puppy kindergarten class.

Debbie made the process of
getting a new puppy so easy for us. From the selection process,
to providing us with weekly updates/adorable photos as Parker
grew, and to taking Parker home. We took Parker home all ready
with his first vet check, shots, deworming, microchipping &
Debbie even sent us home with a useful puppy kit. You can really
tell that Debbie cares for all of her poodles and raises them
with lots of love!

We would recommend Debbie to
anyone looking for a healthy & happy poodle who will be well
taken care of those first weeks of their life.

Feel free to follow Parker’s
(comical) Instagram account to see him as he grows! parkerthetoypoodle/


Two and a half years ago we
brought home our tiny bundle of fluff, Echo,
and over that time period he has brought us much joy.

Always eager to learn, he
excelled in obedience, and is now enjoying agility training and
trials with the local group, WAG (West Carleton Dog Agility
Group). We even set up a small course at home, he enjoys the
activity so much (See the attached pictures). Agility keeps Echo
engaged and challenged, and it is fun for both dog and handler.

Very alert, and extremely
curious, Echo is an endearing combination of “attitude” and
“aptitude.” He has always been a very quick learner.

I have no doubt that Echo’s
wonderful nature is in no small part attributable to a very
secure and happy first few weeks with Debbie, and I recommend
her to anyone.


I wanted to send you some recent pictures of Sadie.
The little white poodle is mine. Her name is Abby. Sadie and Abby play
together all of the time, in fact when I leave both dogs sleep for hours
to catch up on their rest. Sadie has given my mother so much happiness.
I bought her 4 or 5 months after my Dad passed away and my Mom says she
sure has filled an empty spot. Two weeks ago my mother’s area was hit
pretty hard by an ice storm and Mom lost her power. A neighbour kept the
generator running but she was without heat for 24 hours. Mom refused to
go stay with my sister in Brighton and decided to stay at home. She
tucked herself into bed on Friday night and Sadie got under the covers
with her and kept her warm all night. She is crate trained and loves her
crate but Mom lets her sleep in her bed and Sadie loves that more!
Mom said she would recommend your puppies to anyone looking for a loving
dog with a good disposition. Sadie is a charm and our whole family loves
her very much! 
SADIE (black poodle)
Take care, 


spring, I decided that I missed
having a dog in my life, so started looking for a new one. Our last dog
was a toy poodle that was the most lovable dog we had ever known. So we
decided that our next dog would also be a poodle. So, my quest began. 

The quest proved to be difficult because every time I
would find a
puppy, it would be already sold by the time I called. In desperation, I
called Debbie Hamelin to see if she could help me. Debbie was very
friendly and helpful. She told me that she was expecting a litter of
puppies within a few days. She called me two days later and described
the puppies and I picked one. 

Nine weeks later I picked up our beloved Kona,
a beautiful male, black with white markings. He came to us good natured
and so lovable that my husband and I fell in love immediately. He came
to us good natured and well trained by Debbie. He was well socialized
and well behaved. 

I have only the highest praise for Debbie and her
poodles. She raises
them in a home environment and her love for these dogs is very evident.
A dog from the Hamelins is well worth the wait! 

Joanne B
Stittsville, ON

To Future Poodle Owners, 

recently purchased our toy poodle Precious from
Debbie Hamelin in April . We had a toy poodle Chelsea for 18 ½ years who
passed away in March and decided we needed another pet to love. We knew
what we wanted in another pet and what to look for. We wanted another
toy poodle but not just any toy poodle. First and foremost we wanted a
puppy that came from a loving home and was very well socialized. We did
not want a puppy from a breeder that was just in it for the money but
someone who really cared about the puppies and also the mom and dad.
Someone who would not just sell the puppies to anyone but who would make
sure that the puppies went to loving homes. We contacted many breeders
in our area and beyond. We were very fortunate to find Debbie Hamelin
and her family. The first time I contacted Debbie about her puppies she
came across as a very caring individual and was very open and
knowledgeable about poodles. I didn’t make a decision right away to meet
Debbie but continued to e-mail her with many questions about her
puppies, the parents, if they are registered with CKC and what health
guarantee she offered. Debbie took the time to answer every question I
had promptly. I was also in contact with other breeders but Debbie just
seemed to stand out above the rest. We finally decided to make the trip
up to Spencerville from Mount Hope (just outside of Hamilton), to meet
with Debbie and her puppies. We arrived on a Tuesday evening and called
Debbie for directions to her place for the next day. Debbie invited us
out the same evening to meet with her and the puppies. We spent 2 ½
hours with Debbie, her husband and daughter and the puppies. We also got
to meet Mom and Dad. We were very impressed with the way all of the
puppies and her four legged family were treated. We could tell that
every one of the poodles and puppies where very much loved and treated
like family. This is what finally decided it for us to purchase a puppy
from Debbie. Debbie is the type of breeder we were looking for. We
picked up our new puppy on Wednesday morning to take her home. Our
veterinarian gave her a clean bill of health. Since coming home everyone
that meets Precious falls in love with her. When I want to purchase
another toy poodle down the road I will definitely be contacting Debbie
again. I have told everyone how wonderful Debbie Hamelin is and if they
are ever looking for a toy poodle that comes from a very loving and
caring home to be sure to contact Debbie. We continue to stay in contact
with Debbie giving her up-dates on Precious. Anyone that purchases a
puppy from Debbie are lucky as they are getting a puppy from a very
loving and caring breeder which gives your puppy a head start in being
socialized with other pets and people. If you continue to give your
puppy the love and affection it received from birth from Debbie and her
family you will have a very loving and affectionate pet for many years.
If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so at

Sincerely, Constance C 
Mount Hope 


Our experience getting a puppy from
Debbie was great. My daughter had just lost her puppy to wildlife and
Little Gucci is
helping to fill the void. Debbie was compassionate to the situation. It
wasn’t hard to tell that she was attached to all her puppies and they
were well cared for. This little puppy was very playful and went right
to my daughter. When she said she had one more place to go to Debbie
encouraged her to take her time and make sure she got the right puppy
for her. When we arrived back to get Gucci, she had her already. She had
a care package with food, her toy and written instructions together. The
letter had her record from the vet, the list of shots, and her next
appointments listed. Debbie also gave a little history of the parents
and what the puppy was like. 
When we left with the little bundle of joy, Debbie was in tune with the
Dad’s feelings and she went and picked him up. 

Debbie requested some up dates with the progress of
the puppy. She is a
very kind and caring person towards her animals and the people
interested in her pups.
Debbie & Ashley H

Here is a picture of Balou!

He is doing well. He got his final shots thrusday and
scheduled for the
‘operation’ ….vet said he is really beautiful dog. He will be tall and
already very ‘strong’. Athletic build. He is now 8lbs10onces..about 12″
shoulder height. He should grow more..around 15 in..and about 15 pounds

He is in perfect health. He commented a couple of time
how a nice
‘specimen’ Balou was. He even asked who was the breeder and I gave them
you name and website. He is very social with other dogs and people.

Anyway, Balou is doing great. He is a lover!! Very
much attached to
Thank you Debbie for bringing this little puppy in our life!! He is
really the best..the cutest.. Everyone stops us to pet him..I am making
lots of publicity for you.

Thank you!!

If anyone is looking for a poodle I know
the best person to go to. The best Breader in Ontario is Debbie. She
really cares about the poodles she breeds and the pups that the poodles
have with great care. She cares for the pups as there are her own and
With our experiences when we found Debbie we messaged her right away and
she messaged us back right away. We sent up a time to go meet with her
and her pups that were born 16 days before. She was so pleasant and
welcomed us right into her home. She showed us the pup that we were
interested in and we got to name him right away. His name was Theo.
Debbie was so amazing and told us that we could come and visit Theo when
ever we wanted and that every week on Sunday she would send us an update
of our pup Theo with pictures. It was amazing to see Theo grow each and
every week. Debbie is great for answering any questions you may have.
She was very informative with how poodles are and training.
The day we went and got Theo she had all his stuff ready and we signed
the papers and she made sure we knew that if we have any questions
concerns that we can contact her. She made us bringing out pup home
comfortable and amazing.
It was such a great experience and we would recommend Debbie to everyone
and anyone looking for a pup. She cares so much about what she does and
this is what counts when you are looking for a pup.
We want to THANK YOU DEBBIE so much you are an amazing person and we are
so happy.
Amanda VanNeste and Sue VanNeste and Ray VanNeste and Theo


We got our puppy Oscar on
Halloween Day and were able to surprise our big family with this
tiny blessing. Debbie had taken great care of him and answered our
many questions about this breed. She always got back to us in a
timely manner. We could tell when we picked him up that she put lots
of love into her litters.
has fit right in at our place and
we all love having his company.‎ He was very smart from the get go
but what we love most is his sweet personality. Anyone who meets
him, falls in love. We have had a rough fall/winter seeing someone
we loved dearly pass away slowly from cancer and many days/nights
Oscar was a source of comfort and joy. I highly recommend if your
wanting a poodle to share your home with you contact Deb’s Poddle
Inn, you won’t regret your decision choosing her as your breeder.
Thanks Debbie!

Natasha and Sam plus 7


If you are looking for a poodle for a
pet, I would highly recommend Deborah Hamelin as your poodle breeder of
choice. Debbie is very caring, extremely knowledgeable and takes great
care of her poodle pups. We met Debbie late September when we were in
search of a puppy. When we arrived we could tell right away that she
knew so much about poodles and had ‘such a way’ with her pups. We knew
instantly that her pups would make amazing pets. Our puppy ‘Charlie’ has
been part of our family since early October. Charlie has a great
demeanor and is full of personality! Thanks Debbie for raising such an
awesome pup! We can’t imagine life without her!”

Hope all is well with you Debbie. Charlie is doing
great! She has grown
so much – almost 9 lbs now.

We start puppy classes tomorrow night.

Take care,

My wife and I purchased a toy poodle from Debbie Hamelin.  Debbie was very 
accommodating and
provided us with answers to all our questions. Because of the distance our little one arrived by plane.  Teaka quickly
adjusted to her new surroundings. Within 3 days she was ringing a bell to go outside.

 She has learned quite a few tricks and understands
several words. She’s very affectionate, wonderful with
children(grandchildren!), and loves playing with other friendly dogs. Having her
in our family has changed our lives, in a very positive way.

We would recommend
anyone to purchase a pup from Debbie. She is a true professional,
provides expert advice, and has beautiful dogs!
Thank you, Debbie 

Dan & Rolande C



We purchased a female miniature poodle from Debbie 
Upon looking at her and her litter mates, it was very clear that the puppies and the parents were extremely well
cared for.
They had bright eyes, beautiful coats, were well socialized with other
dogs and people and were energetic, as puppies should be.
A visit to our vet confirmed what we already knew- she is a perfect
We have named her ” Abbie” and she has quickly become a much loved
member of our family.
We have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Debbie as a reputable
breeder who cares greatly about her poodles and would be 
happy to provide additional information to anyone who is considering
getting a puppy from her. We can be reached by email 

With best regards,
Nicole, Denise & Suzanne D


I first visited Debbie’s home and fell in
love with a little red poodle. Since that day, Darcy has
become a huge part of my life, I seldom go anywhere without him! Darcy
is the perfect balance for my life; if I feel like running, he runs; if
I sleep, he sleeps. Darcy is most content when he is around people; he
loves to show off his tricks, play, cuddle. At this point, I can’t
imagine life without this little guy – He is the best companion and
adventure buddy I could ask for! 
Darcy is so loveable, that nearly everyone that meets him asks for
Debbie’s contact info. In fact, he’s so loveable, that my parents
decided they needed a similar love in their lives so they adopted his
brother Murphy in 2012. Murphy has the same adorable personality and a
gentle spirit. Murphy adores children and playing with his big brother.
We could not be any more pleased with these two dogs. Their temperaments
are unparalleled. 
Debbie has been fantastic throughout the process of purchasing our pets.
For this reason, I will continue to recommend her to my friends and

I got Harley, a miniature poodle, from
Debbie Hamelin …. Harley, or “Snowboard” as they called him, was the
last puppy to go. At 15 weeks old, it was very apparent that he had
grown quiet attached to Debbie and her family and that he was very much
loved by all of them. In other words, he had been treated just like one
of their own dogs. Harley was even a little hesitant to leave – this was
definitely a home that he had grown fond of and attached to. When I
picked up Harley, I also got to meet Debbie’s other dogs. It was very
clear to me that the reason Debbie breeds miniature poodle is out of
love for this breed. A couple of months after having Harley I met with
Debbie to sign some papers and she asked that I bring Harley so that she
could see him. It was very nice to see that both she and her husband
were concerned about the welfare of their dogs and ensuring that they
are placed in good homes. From the first day, Harley had a lovely little
personality. With consistency, I was able to house train him within a
week and crate training was a breeze since Debbie had already gotten him
accustomed to sleeping in a crate. Being true to his breed, this mini
poodle was definitely eager to please and responded very well to lots of
positive reinforcement. He loves to learn new tricks and catches on very
quickly. Harley’s shots were also all up to date at the time that I
picked him up and he hasn’t had any health problems whatsoever since
I’ve had him. Debbie was also very responsive to any questions that I
had after taking Harley home and even checked in a few times to see how
things were going. We are ex tremely happy with Harley and I have
already recommended Debbie to several close friends looking for a dog. I
wouldn’t hesitate to get my next dog from Debbie as I have completely
fallen in love with poodles. a very happy poodle owner


marks Oscar’s first
birthday and we wanted to share with you some of the joy he’s brought
us. We can’t even begin to express how much happiness and love he gives
to us. He is certainly the best thing that has ever happened to my
family and I. We also just wanted to say thank you for all of the
support, help and kindness you have showed us throughout the process of
getting Oscar. He came to us already potty trained and with such a kind
and loving heart. We can’t thank you enough for our little blessing

is an outstanding breeder, 
We were welcomed and visited with all the puppies. Met the parents and
the work and care and the love she puts into the caring of the puppies
shows. We coundn’t just pick one. We got 2 miniatures poodles. Both
puppies have a great disposition.
We would recommend Debbie to everyone. She cares about all her puppies
and the photos she would send us to keep us informed of their first
solid food serving and photos of them growing kept us connected to our
She is the best, Angie & Lou S 
Ottawa, Ontario


It’s been a while since we last spoke. Given that Toby turned
5 months today, I thought It would be a good time to update you on how
he is doing.

First, let me start by saying that Toby is such a good
boy and brings so
much joy to our family. He is very playful, extremely sociable, and
absolutely loves the outdoors. The highlight of his day is definitely a
hike in the trails or a visit to the dog park. Car rides are always a
treat, especially when picking Tristan up from school or going to
Petsmart. Having recently graduated from puppy class ( with honours),
I’m proud to say that he has mastered the basic commands (sit, stay,
down, drop it, leave it, come). He is in week 2 of intermediate class,
working our way through to agility classes in the future.

We started using the bells for training 2 weeks after
bringing Toby home
which I highly recommend. Definitely made potty training a lot easier


We were lucky enough to find Deb and her
wonderful poodles and in February we brought home our 8 week old Buddy. 
He’s gown so fast in the past months and he is a wonderful addition to
our family. He is very friendly with other dogs, people and children and
has a great personality. I am hoping that with his personality that he
may be a great therapy dog. 
Deb has been there for us since we brought Buddy home
and we still connect with her even today if we have questions. 
Buddy loves his chair and when he came home with us he slept in it. Now
at the age of 7 months he thinks he cans still fit in it and we don’t
have the heart to tell him he’s a bit too big! 
Buddy is a joy and we were very lucky to find Deb and our lovely boy.

and Dwight Dishaw

We adopted our beloved Echo from
Debbie. At the time we as a family were torn about getting a pup. I have
always been a dog lover but had avoided having one due to bad asthma and
allergies. After researching the poodle bred as a hypo allergic choice
we decided to try. Debbie was very informative and passionate about
poodles and answered all my questions. She was very patient as my
children and I carefully examined each puppy and choose one. It was very
apparent from our first contact that Debbie’s puppies were well loved
and treated as part of her family. It turned out to be the best purchase
we have ever made. Echo is very intelligent and very well mannered. He
was incredibly easy to train and best of all I have had no issues with
my asthma or allergies. He is very good around children and is always
eager to please. We thank Debbie for introducing us to the poodle breed
and making our choice to own a dog an easy and very rewarding one.


Purchased a puppy from Debbie and he is
a wonderful dog. I sensed as soon as I met him that he was in a very
good environment and that Debbie was very caring towards all the dogs.
We name our puppy Oscar and
he has just turned one. He is such a wonderful dog – bright, energetic
and extremely affectionate. He is incredibly tolerant, loves everybody,
and everyone seems to love him My family feels like he had been with us
forever. He fits right in on vacations, at the cottage or watching TV.
We cannot say enough good things about both Oscar and Debbie. Thank you

It is
so great to buy the puppy from you,
which is one of the best things I ‘ve done. 

Puppy is so cute and adorable. Now
she is 5 months old. She is healthy, quiet and smart. We enjoy her
personality so much.

for giving us such a wonderful

We are the Rose family.
We would like to
express our experience with Debpooodleinn

Debspoodleinn is set up in a home setting, I found
this set up to be
very comfortable and extremely calm. Debspoodleinn does not seem to take
on more than they can handle like some Kennels do. Debspoodleinn ‘s
breeding dogs are top notch in visual appearance and temperament,
therefore the pups they produce for sale have the best chance to become
a really really great dog. 
Our dealings went extremely well when arriving at the Debbie’s to take
delivery of our pup. Debbie had all the paper work needed on hand to
attain future documentation once the puppies name was chosen. Our pup
had been micro chipped, all primary medical injections, and nice “not to
short” tail cropping!
Debbie wants to maintain contact with the purchasers of her pups, to see
how they look and act as they grow. Most importantly if you are happy
with your experience at Poodle Inn Kennel. We had the best experience
possible with the purchase our pup. Debbie cares about the pups
Debbie said if it’s not working out for whatever reason just let me
know, please. Clearly , Debbie cares a great deal for her pups!!!,, she
also cares a great deal for her business.
I hope you have a chance to view the pictures I have supplied to the
Our pups name is Pennie Brandy Rose, and she is just prescious, every
member of our family and friends show her a lot of love and Pennie shows
it back just as much. We couldn’t be happier dog owners. 
I strongly recommend you to Poodle In Kennel.
Thank You,
C. Rose and family friends.

Hamelin is an excellent breeder. I
got Teddy when I first moved to Ottawa from London, Ontario. She was
very welcoming when I came to pick out my puppy. I told her I wanted a
black poodle and she had them all out and ready for me to see. I also
got a chance to see her other poodles all playing together and see what
a fun and loving environment Teddy came from. He was very easy to train
from the moment I got him. He knew sit, stay, come and where to go to
the bathroom. He also gets along really well with other dogs and
animals. I would not hesitate to get another poodle puppy from Debbie
and her family


just had the urge to write you a
note and tell you that our puppy, Ricola,
born on Feb 14th is doing great. We love her so much, we are so
grateful to you for this beautiful dog!
had a funny experience tonight
that made me think of you. We are taking her to puppy training and
there is one other poodle in the class who is a beautiful chocolate
brown male named “Buddy”. after speaking to the owners, it turns out
he was born in the next litter after our puppy, at your place, on
February 20th. He is cute as a button and he and Ricola adored each
other – so we were laughing that they must be relatives and
recognize each other’s smell or something!
have attached a photo at the bottom
of this email of Ricola with my son on the sofa. She is very smart,
and very sweet, and we all love her so much!

Thank you for all the great
preparation and information, and for a great dog we will all
treasure! If anyone asks me where to get a poodle, I know where to
send them!

Hope that you, your family and all of
your dogs are doing well!


bought Minnie our
miniature phantom poodle home early Jan 2015. After her visit to the vet
for her second set of shots we were told she is in wonderful health.

Debbie’s poodles all seem happy and
healthy living in a family environment. Perfect spot to adopt a well
adjusted pup for your home. We found Debbie to be an honest, caring
person making it an easy choice to select a puppy from her. All my
questions both before and after were happily answered and encouraged.

We met
both parents on site and felt very
comfortable with the facilities.

We have
Minnie in puppy classes once a
week and are amazed with the results, these are really smart dogs.

If you
are looking for a new addition to
your home I would not hesitate to recommend a pup from Debbie’s Poodle
Inn (Spencerville Ont)

Wendy and family

Nepean Ont

Dear Debbie,
We would like to thank you very much for
giving us the sweetest
puppy in the world! Mio is
a very bright puppy and has been learning tricks shortly after his
arrival to our home. He already knows “Sit”, “Down”, “Paw”, and our
favorite, “SPEAK”. He is healthy and super energetic and is
definitely a people dog – there has never been a person that Mio has
not loved to death. We’re working towards training Mio towards being
a therapy dog and we think he’s going to do great! He’s the cutest
little puppy and we’re so happy that we found Deb’s Poodle Inn!


Gus is the most
playful and friendly puppy you will ever meet. He is excellent with
children and he wants to greet everyone that passes by. He loves to
go on walks and pay fetch. In the evenings he wants to cuddle and
curl up on your lap. Everyone loves him and he’s known as the
neighborhood teddy bear. He brings so many smiles to so many people.
He is loyal and sweet and the ultimate companion. I couldn’t be more
in pleased or in love with this puppy. Coming home to his wagging
tail is the highlight of my day

Natashia from Newfoundland


I purchased one of Debbie’s beautiful
puppies in February 2015. Debbie proved herself to be a very caring and
knowledgeable poodle breeder. She sent us photos of our puppy, Lulu,
each week until we were able to take her home with us. Before picking up
Lulu, Debbie had already taken her to a preliminary veterinarian visit,
where she received her first vaccination, was micro chipped and her tail
was beautifully docked. When I took Lulu to the vet, I was told that she
was in perfect health, and that Debbie provided her with more care than
most breeders do. It is very clear that Debbie cares deeply for her
dogs, and ensures that both the puppies and the buyers are prepared for
the process. Now, Lulu is 5 months old and is a very smart, healthy and
playful puppy. She provides so much love and happiness to our family. I
highly recommend Deb’s Poodle Inn



would like to to thank you. You
obviously love and do an amazing job with your dogs and the
beautiful puppies they create. We have both had dogs before and are
amazed at how beautiful Hudson’s nature is. The amazement of his
nature started the day we picked him up. Leaving with him, he didn’t
cry, shake, no signs of nervousness. He crawled up behind my neck
and fell asleep. He is such a sweet, sweet little guy and has
brought us so much laughter and love. He’s smart and easy to train.

Thank you again! We couldn’t be
happier. We will continue to send you pictures of the little guy. He
now weight 2.5 lbs.:-)

Sheila, Sharon and Hudson

Ottawa, Ontario


We were
very pleased with the service
that Debbie provided from start to finish. She emailed us regularly with
updated puppy pictures and information. She was always happy to speak
with us on the phone or respond promptly to emails. Her puppies are
clearly loved and very well cared for. We are very pleased with our
poodle Willow



 (Willow’s sister above)

Hi Debbie,

Hope you’ve been well! Maple is
the most SPLENDID dog I have ever had the chance of owning. She is
exactly everything you’ve described: calm, loving, sweet. Beautiful
temperament. We think about you often and still frequently visit
your website to see the other doggies.

My boyfriend and I are looking into getting
another poodle. We are
in our early research stages but we wanted to inquire if you were
planning on any other litters for this year either miniature or toy,
doesn’t matter.

I’ve attached some pictures of Maple for your
curiosity. Hope to
hear from you soon!



took Truffles home
at 8 weeks old, and he instantly became a part of the family. He is
growing like a weed and has so much energy! He loves cuddles and playing
outside.. Debbie was extremely caring & helpful, as she let us come and
visit as much as we wanted before the pickup date. We couldn’t be
happier with our little puppy…

UPDATE ON TRUFFLES..Here is a new picture of our too cute for words,
Truffles. He is the most adorable and loving dog we could ever wish for.
Happy Birthday big boy!


As the season’s change, so do the firsts
for babies of all kinds, and their enthusiasm is infectious!! This was
as still as we could get little Jango
o be for his picture, in a yard full of colourful leaves, that
crunched under his feet and blew around him like they were alive. I
laughed till I cried as he frolicked in the leaves, bolting and jumping
wildly! He was so wound up, that it was hilarious!

His enthusiasm everyday is such a joy to
our whole family! He so full of love, and is as bright as a dog can be
for learning anything we teach him. With a name like Jango Fetch, the
first puppy thing we taught him was to play “fetch,” and true to his
name he could play fetch all day now:) Thank you so much for the love
you put in to these little guys before we get them. It makes them so
well rounded, and easy to work with.
The paper training you did ahead, in
those first eight weeks you had him, was a real life saver for the
rocky days of potty training. He is 5 months old now and has only
two accidents in his crate at night since we’ve had him!! For the
first month home, during the day we kept him in a little doggy play
pen with his small crate to sleep in, and a spot for his potty
paper. He was terrific using it, along with our taking him out after
meals, and when he woke up.
After three months, we dropped the paper
and taught him to bark at the back door, so we can hear him no matter
where we are in the house. Now at five months, although we also time
some of his outings [after meals and when he gets out of the crate], he
barks at the door to tell us he wants out. He is a gem!

the best to you in your late
nights with the next litter, and keep up the great work with the



It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! All your babies are
adorable and very loveable too! 🙂
Our little guy slept all the way home yesterday and I believe he is well
settled into his new home. We were so proud of him when he peed on the
newspaper and knows where to go too. He woke up every 3 hours and when I
let him out he peed on the newspaper and right back to bed. He is such a
pleasure to have and once again we have laughter in the house.
Thank you and I’ll be sending photos of him as he grows………Gina




Cooper Bonin-Lacroix
doing great! He is truly the best thing that’s happened to us in
ages. His temperament is so amazing. He graduated from 6 week puppy
school with flying colors. He routinely socializes with other dogs
and humans and isn’t scared or yappy. He travels really well, loves
the car, and has no issues what so ever on the boat. He has sailed
for a few full days and even stayed overnight on-board where he
feels right at home. He’s even coming in the cabin on the plane to
Florida with us in February. The vet says he in top shape. We simply
couldn’t be happier with our little guy. he ingratiates himself with
everyone he meets. Our biggest challenge is trying to ensure no one
runs off with him because he is soooo cute!. Attached are a couple
of recent photos. We will send others in future as well. Please do
keep in touch, and rest assured we sing your praises at ever
opportunity and will happily recommend you to anyone who wants an
amazing toy poodle of their very own.


& Diane


Debbie :
The girls are amazing they have wonderful personalities . Our
veterinarians office was very impressed with the info you provided
for us . They passed their vet check perfect health .
Debbie it is obvious that you love and care very much for your
puppies . It has been a pleasure and joy to meet you . Thank you for
your hard work and confidence in us that we will give the best
forever homes to your precious puppies . I would definitely
recommend that if you are looking for a caring and dedicated puppy
person give Debbie a call .

LINDY AND EBONY with new photo….
Lindy is quite the girl she meets and greets everyone including
neighbourhood dogs on her walks with mom. Mom is enjoying her so
much . Mom left her keys in her sweater pocket the other day and
hung her sweater on the back of the chair . Lindy was watching this
. Mom needed the keys and was looking all over the house for them
with Lindy walking behind her appearing to help look as well ( lol )
She found them later that night under the pillows on the bed Lindy
must have thought it was a safer place to put keys ����Ebony is awesome . We go for a long walk every morning and a couple
shorter ones before bedtime . She loves to chase butterflies and
probably wouldn’t take much for her to be a good bird dog . We have
a pair of robins in the front yard and she stops lifts her front paw
and points .She also likes to check out the bees in the flower beds which we are
trying to discourage her from doing.. We have put a water fountain
on the front deck which she loves to drink from and loves to help me
water the plants with the garden hose especially the getting wet

Deborah , Nathan , Marilyn
Lindy and Ebony


have had our little red toy poodle Rory for
almost two months now and can’t get over how perfect he is!

a few days he was fetching a tennis ball and bringing it back to us.

He is
very adventurous
and fits in with our family perfectly!
Everywhere we go people
stop to compliment him!

Debbie for being
so great at answering all our questions before we picked up our little
guy and giving us the perfect dog!!!



Getting a poodle from Debbie has been a great experience
While we were deciding on getting a
puppy from her she was so patient and answered all of our many

When we came to get him all the
puppies were well cared for.

We got the biggest pup in the litter
— a cute little black fellow we named Marcasite.

Marcasite is now 9 months old. He’s
full grown at 12 pounds and 11 inches high to the shoulder.
He is the friendliest little guy!
We go play at a leash-free park every
morning and he is the only dog of dozens who greets every person who
He also loves to play with the other
dogs — big or small.

He is sweet and very attached to us,
and he’s good with the children.
round, he’s been a wonderful
addition to our family!

Thanks, Debbie!

Kind Regards,